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Your Health & Laughter

Laughter is an important key to health. Laughter can alter your internal chemistry from negative to positive. It releases tension, and shifts your perception so you can center yourself. Laughter also makes life more enjoyable. Take time to laugh each day and see what happens to your overall outlook on life.

Case in point….during my first marriage one thing bothered more than knowing my marriage was over. It was the fact that I no longer laughed. I didn’t find anything in life funny – nothing! I had lost my sense of humor amongst the worry and frustration of living with someone who didn’t appreciate me or love me and our children. I was put on antidepressants and hated that I had to “pop a pill” in order to feel as though I was doing something to handle the situation.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that I didn’t need a pill in order to be happy. What I needed was to love myself enough to say, “that’s it! I’m finished! I deserve more than this!” Once I took that step, there was no looking back and I’ve been laughing ever since! Happily married to someone loves me for who I am not for he wishes I would be. Happily in love with all of our children — my heart aches sometimes to see the ones that have moved away but I love them enough to let them fly! Happy with our life and all the blessings it brings our way.

When was the last time you laughed? I mean, really laughed??? Consider watching a good comedy instead of the news before bedtime and notice how much better you sleep. Take the time really pay attention to the children in your life and I can promise you they’ll have you laughing in no time!!

We have this beautiful, almost 6-year-old, little girl. She’s always smiling and she’s always making everyone around her smile. Guess who’s the healthiest one in our family? Great job — first guess!!! She’s also the strongest and most fit….nothing slows her down until she finally collapses in bed – sound asleep in less than 5-minutes. When was the last time you fell sleep that fast???


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