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Obesity & Children

Obesity in children is a growing problem. Why is it that whenever we think about children and obesity we always try to find someone to blame? In recent weeks there’s been a group trying to get rid of Ronald McDonald because they claim that Ronald and the overall marketing campaign for McDonald’s is directly responsible for the growing epidemic which is effecting more and more children every year.

As a mother, I can honestly say that I don’t like it when someone blames me for something but a few years ago I had to accept that my kids had poor eating habits because I had poor eating habits. I stand before right now as someone who had to admit there was a problem and the problem was me. I am the one who controls what my children eat (most of the time). I am the one who is to teach them about good nutrition. There is a bigger issue here though….how can a mother teach her children good nutrition when she doesn’t know what good nutrition is? Or perhaps she does not but feels she can’t afford to purchase all the right foods so she doesn’t purchase any of the right foods.

Our food industry has us really believing that the pre-packaged, processed food is just as good as the real thing. Afterall they add “11 Vitamins and Minerals” to the mix. The fact of the matter is that the body needs the real thing — no substitutions. Do yourself a favor don’t just learn more about nutrition – learn how to incorporate what you learn into your family budget.

One of the best things we, as parents, can do for our children is to help them stay healthy and fit — afterall they are born that way! Model healthy behaviors, encourage them to join age appropriate activities, have fun with fitness, and go on family hikes or bike rides. It’s time for us parents to take charge and say, “no” to all the junk food that is making our kids obese!

I am here to help….schedule a complimentary session by sending an email to angie@mypositivelifechanges.com — we can spend as little as 30-minutes each week not only talking about good nutrition but creating a plan for how to impliment what you learn into your household meals. Teach them what they need to know and they will teach others causing a ripple effect that will positively effect your family for many generations to come.

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