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I’m in control of this labor not you! You only have the baby inside……

As absurd as that statement may seem to you – it’s an actual statement made to a laboring mothering just a few days ago!

The mother had gone past her due date – and we all know that this brings panic into the mind of some. Okay….so it brings the panic into the minds of those who have no idea what the natural process looks like nor how to support it. Eventually, the, now induced, mother was on an epidural. Having not eaten for 24 hours she started running a fever and the hospital staff was threatening cesarean surgery.

Please understand that fever is always to let you know that the body is fighting something. Fevers are clear indication that the immune system is trying to rid the body of some foreign whatever. In this case – medications. The mother was not allowed to drink water but could chew as many ice chips as she wanted. The person who came up with such a concept should be shot!

I really don’t care how much fluid is being pumped into the laboring woman’s body along with the medications and pitocin – she MUST drink LOTS of water in order for her body to have the amount of fluids it needs in order to flush out everything that’s going in. Without LOTS of water this mother will experience tremendous headaches for the first days following the delivery. And, yes, she experienced a delivery NOT a birth.

Birth occurs without inference from anyone or anything. No pitocin, no drugs, no machines of any kind. Birth occurs with mom working with her uterus and her baby. In short, the laboring woman, her baby and her uterus are in charge of the labor NOT A NURSE, OB, CNM OR ANYONE ELSE!

Delivery occurs when something has interfered with the natural process because the mother, baby and uterus will need help to finish the task at hand. This particular case ended with a vacuum extraction so this mother was blessed indeed – at least she didn’t have to go through major surgery BUT this situation absolutely could have been avoided. How?

It is important for pregnant women to prepare their mind and body for the process of labor and birth. There are many things pregnant women really can do to keep from having induction even mentioned. First, I recommend taking Female Reproductive Formula from the moment you decide you want to conceive. If you’re reading this and are already pregnant, you can start taking this herbal formula now. Continuing to take Female Reproductive Formula throughout the entire pregnancy will relieve the nausea of morning sickness, quiet false labor, help bring good contractions once labor has started, reduce the risk of hemorrhage, aid in a rapid and safe birth, relieve after-pains, and enrich mother’s milk.

If you are experiencing a hard time conceiving or perhaps you conceive but then miscarriage – Female Reproductive Formula can help increase the likelihood of conception as well as maintaining the pregnancy. I’d suggest taking this herbal formula for a few months prior to attempting to conceive.

If you are already in your third trimester, please don’t feel that it’s too late. There are two herbal formulas I recommend for you. The first is Birth Prep Formula (a.k.a. Pre-Natal Formula) – begin taking this formula at 34 weeks gestation. The other formula you could choose is called Polly Jean Antenatal 5-Week Formula – begin taking this formula at 35 weeks gestation. Both will aid in preparing your uterus for the task of labor and birth. Like the Female Reproductive Formula they will also help bring good contractions once labor has started, reduce the risk of hemorrhage, aid in a rapid and safe birth, relieve after-pains and enrich mother’s milk.

What else can you do? Know how long your cycle is — the menstrual cycle ranges from 24 to 45 days and the pregnancy calculator wheel defaults to the average 28-day cycle. Basically this means that if your cycles are typically 24 days long then you will most likely give birth earlier than your estimated due date. That’s not a bad thing…..but if your typical cycle is 32 or even worse 40 days then the estimated due date will be very off and you may have a hard time finding someone who will allow you to wait until the actual due date. Knowing how long your cycle is will help your birth attendant more accurately “guess” on your estimated due date.

Another thing you can do is always remember that you have choices…..there are always choices. The mother mentioned above did not want to “disobey” the hospital staff. She felt she had no choices even though she had LOTS of choice. She could have said, “NO” to any of the recommendations. She could have signed out “against medical advice” and gone home to have an unassisted birth. She could have asked for a second opinion. She could have transferred to another doctor or to a CNM. She could have drank water when the nurse was not in the room. There are always choices.

One last thing that can be very beneficial to pregnant women is for them to seek out and attend a comprehensive natural childbirth class. Not one offered by the hospital as those may be biased toward what the hospital would like for you to do during labor and birth. Seek out a natural childbirth class from someone who has no affiliation with any doctor, birth center, or hospital. These teachers will work for the couple. It’s also a great idea to locate a class that will teach the husband/coach how to best assist his wife/lover during labor and birth. He will be with her for more of the labor than anyone else. This is a great suggestion even for those couples who have already experienced labor and birth (delivery) or even cesarean surgery. It’s always a great idea to become better educated.

Okay, so what if you want to take such a class but your husband/coach is not interested in attending with you? Come anyway! You might also want to consider hiring a Certified Birth Doula. The more educated you are about the entire process the more successful you will be during the process and  if  your husband/coach is not interested in having an active role in this event, don’t force him. Hire someone who understands the process and how to assist you through it. Love him enough to let him sit in the corner if he so chooses but expect him to love you enough to understand when you attend natural childbirth classes without him as well as when you hire your own coach to assist you through this event.

Please feel free to comment on this post – share your personal experiences. This can be a frustrating time for couples – especially the pregnant woman.

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