Birth Can’t Be Trusted!…..REALLY?

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything to my blog. We’re living in Mexico thanks to my husband’s job sending him on an extended work assignment and including his family. Life is pretty nice here. Beautiful weather (most of the time), a maid three days a week, a gardner twice a week, kids in a private, bi-lingual school, many monthly expenses are re-imbursed…..yes, right now my life is quite unrealistic. I continue to do our laundry, cook all the meals and clean the house on the days the maid has off just so I can remember that this will end….we will return to the US and I will, once again, be without these luxuries…..this unrealistic life does not; however, take me away from the unrealistic beliefs held by others in regards to conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

I have a dear friend who works many hours each day on behalf of mothers and their little ones. She is concerned with the rising cesearan surgery rate, the increase in the interference of birth (and the long list of interferences would blow your mind) and the mess that all this leaves behind. A mess that mothers are supposed to clean up on their own. A mess that really isn’t theirs to clean up and one that becomes theirs because no one else – it seems to me – wants to take responsibility for what they have done to create the mess. This sweet woman sings the praises of birth and how wonderfully it works….when it’s left alone. SHE IS 100% CORRECT on this point. When we meddlesome human beings leave the process of birth alone, it CAN be trusted. Trusting it does not mean that it is perfect…..but trusting it and leaving it alone are the only things at this point that the researchers have not tried.

What do I mean? What researchers? You say there’s no one doing research on birth? REALLY?? Do you honestly believe that? The moment birth was forced from the safety of home was the moment that birth became a research study….without the known consent of the mothers. Birth has been tampered with in more ways than anyone really wants to admit to….read through the history of birth and you will definitely begin to see that experiments have been done on both mother and child for the entire time that birth has been occurring in the hospital. The “Let’s see what happens when we……” question has no end to it. There will always be more for human beings to “try” all in their effort to “fix” something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

We now live in a time in birth history when even the thought of birthing at home comes with it’s challenges. Far too many believe that what happens in the hospital should happen in the home. Bulb syringe and hat ready when the induction begins. Dopplers, oxygen, drugs and all manner of interruptions that throw the entire process off balance and when something happens that wasn’t expected or that places mother and/or baby into a higher risk situation everyone blames birth….but birth isn’t the problem.

As a childbirth educator and student midwife, I am frustrated by the fact that I can no longer tell anyone who is struggling with their OB, “Oh, just find a midwife nearby and have a home birth.” Why? Why can’t I do this? Because there are far too many midwives who truly believe that what happens in the hospital can happen in the home and they are wrong. Women choose to give birth at home BECAUSE of the things that happened to them in the hospital. BECAUSE the process – THEIR process – was messed with and they didn’t like the mess they were left to clean up alone. Women are searching for “hands off” midwives…..midwives who know when to “interfere” but especially HOW to leave it alone and my dear friend is the director of the only midwifery training program that I know of that produces such a midwife. A HANDS OFF midwife. A midwife who TRUSTS birth.

This dear woman is constently answering questions from people who misunderstand what the Trust Birth Initiative is all about. People who accuse her of teaching women to birth alone at all costs – even if the baby might die – because birth can be trusted. WELL…..these people do not like what they are hearing…..many are midwives who don’t like the fact that what they do as “standard practice of care” just might be causing the “issues” they experience. After all, if what they are doing is wrong then why can medical doctors do it?

I could go on and on all day long but I won’t…..below are the reasons that I TRUST BIRTH…..

As a mother – I DO NOT need anyone present in order for birth to be safe. I trust my body, my intuition and the process. I CAN be trusted. I DO NOT need someone present who will dictate to me what I will and will not do, where I will and will not do it nor to bring the hospital “stuff” into my home. My last birth occurred in the hospital – an induction – even though we desperately wanted a home birth – not because I do not trust birth but because I TRUST BIRTH and I can be trusted WITH birth (it was for the benefit of my son who is now 4)

As a Christian – It is impossible to say “I do not trust birth. I trust GOD.” If one does truly trust God then one trusts His processes. If one trusts His processes then one MUST trust birth. I spent a rather long time on a journey of my own to better understand the statement TRUST BIRTH. Along that journey, God spoke to me and said, “there has never in the history of the world been enough people to support every pregnant and birthing woman on earth. This is a FACT. This historical fact is proof that birth was designed to be safe and to occur in the middle of nowhere with only mother and child present.” When we trust God, then we trust His process of birth and do not carry dopplers, oxygen, pitocin, cytotec, and we do not induce the process (regardless of what He has provided that “works”) because these things interfere with HIS process. When we, as Christians, make statements like “birth is safest when there is a trained/educated midwife, low risk woman, etc” then we prove where our trust lies and it is not in God but in self. God created birth and placed into the hands of women. Because I trust God, I TRUST BIRTH.

As a Doctor of Natural Health/Life Coach – when we profess to stand with mothers and to serve them, it is in their best interest that we do so without interfering. When we interfere we remove from them what belongs to them – a healing journey – and we put in its place something that does not belong to them. We create a birth story for them that was not supposed to be theirs and we place them on a journey they should never have needed to take. BUT when we trust the process of birth AND we trust that the mother KNOWS what she needs and what she needs to be doing then and only then are we respecting her healing journey. Because I am concerned about the whole person, I TRUST BIRTH.

As the Training Director for the Trust Birth Initiative – Trust Birth Facilitators facilitate conversations with women about birth and what birth is BY DESIGN. Facilitators do not facilitate conversations about “birthing at home at all costs” but rather conversations about trusting the process, trusting the body, trusting the design, trusting intuition, and trusting self (because God trusts women enough to give birth to them). Facilitators facilitate conversations about the things that should never enter the home (dopplers, oxygen, etc) because they do not belong there, interfere with the process AND increase risks for both mother and child. Facilitators facilitate conversations about good nutrition, “informed consent” and refusal, avoiding unnecessary interventions, belief and fear in birth, dangers and downsides of hospital births, nurturing your body, etc. Because women need to know what parts of “birth” are unnecessary, I TRUST BIRTH. (if you have any questions about what the Trust Birth Initiate IS, please send an email to instead of speculating on your own)

As a friend of Carla Hartley’s – I was led to Carla by Heavenly Father and it is because of her and her courage to stand for mothers and with mothers that I have found my own voice in this arena where I had been frustrated for so very long. Birth is not about midwives, doctors, dopplers, hats, hospitals, birth centers, pitocin, time limits, inductions, etc. Birth is about the future of humanity and creating a better tomorrow by learning from the past. It is because of Carla Hartley that I TRUST BIRTH!

If you are on your own journey, searching to trust birth, I highly recommend reading Safer Childbirth? written by Marjorie Tew.

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