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Prenatal Vitamins vs Whole Food Supplements

I taught a class about Prenatal Vitamins vs. Whole Food Supplements for the students at Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. My outline is below:

  • Define “supplementation”
  • What does truly balanced nutrition look like?
    • emotional aspect
    • mental aspect
    • can we go without supplementation?
      • mineral content of soil
      • growing our own vs. what’s at the store
    • Causes of deficiencies or lack of assimilation
    • Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet
      • salt
      • calories
      • protein
      • tale of a recovering anorexic
    • feelings of deprivation
  • Prenatal Supplements
    • isolated
    • synthetic nutrients
  • Whole Food Supplements
    • the apple example
    • phytonutrients
  • Remember the basics first
  • What I recommend?
    • Capsule?
    • Tablet?
    • Powder?
    • Liquid?
    • When and how to take supplements?

If this information is what you’d like to hear, you can purchase the recorded call by sending $10 via PayPal to and forward the receipt to If you’d like to find out how to participate in all of these calls, where you’ll learn from people like Gloria Lemay, Gail Hart, Barbara Harper, etc., send an email to and ask how to get signed up.


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