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Women CANNOT Deliver Their Own Baby!

I recently purchased a new birth book and I am finding it challenging to read.

There’s a single word by which I categorize “birth” people and this word is used over and over and over again in this book. This single word tells me that the people who use it fall into one of two other categories: they either truly believe that they are using this word correctly OR they haven’t yet transitioned their language to reflect birth truth.

The word of which I speak is “deliver” and is also used as “delivery”…..mothers do not deliver their own babies….they GIVE BIRTH to them. It’s important for women to take birth back but in order for us all to do so we must change the way we speak about birth. I have given birth eight times and I can confirm that not once did I deliver my baby. Those who view birth from a medical standpoint use the terms “deliver” and “delivery” because they place women into situations where babies have to be delivered and not birthed.

I personally believe that this one word equals a red flag and is a good indication of whether or not a woman will have the birth experience that belongs to her.

This word is used far too much in all birth books and I find it even more annoying when I see it in books about normal, natural and/or home birth. I will not give author names or book titles because I do not want to harm these authors BUT we all must change the language we use so that women will change their language as well.

Changing this single word helps reconnect women to their intuitive birther ~ the one that resides within their limbic brain and emerges only during the unhindered birthing process. For more than 100 years she has been locked away behind the words “deliver” and “delivery” and by using drugs, informed consent forms, refusal of care when the big picture is not truly “high-risk,” making women believe that birth is only safe in the hospital and a whole host of other things that happen to pregnant women……we have to stop.

I bring to my practice the knowledge I have as a Dr. of Natural Health and I know that the body works as Heavenly Father designed it. When we interfere with the bodily processes, we disconnect people from their intuition. There are a variety of ways to disconnect people from their intuition. We can disconnect them using words, emotions, and mind games; like, “don’t you want the best for your baby?” We can also disconnect ourselves from our own intuition in the very same ways.

I have made it my life’s mission to reconnect my clients with their intuition. I understand how this disconnection can negatively impact the birthing process so we begin this work during pregnancy to purge as much as possible before the birthing process begins.

Full reconnection can take many months and even years. It’s challenging work because we may have to wade through decades of “stuff” before my client can even begin to feel whole again. I teach my clients about tools they can use without me because some of what needs to be purged needs to be purged in solitude.

I hear a lot of people talking about the mind – body – soul connection but I find that most people don’t really understand what that means. This is vitally important in the work I do. Reconnecting with ones intuition means that there is balance in the entire person.

  • Emotionally they are strong and know that they have been designed to succeed and to live a life of purpose and abundance.
  • Mentally they reject all negative self-talk because they know it’s not truth. They are able to look themselves in the eye in a mirror and say, “I love you” and mean it.
  • Their body is free of illness and disease and they are strong and full of vitality.
  • They understand the importance of their spirit and accept that there is a “higher power” involved in their lives. To me this is our Heavenly Father and the scriptures contain all the information necessary to guide us in the way to live and how to treat ourselves.

So, let’s change the way we speak about birth. Let’s give birth back to women were it belongs so women can begin to heal and reconnect to their intuition. Birth was given to women by the creator of the process and no one has the right to take it out of her hands.

Women GIVE BIRTH to their babies.

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