Autism ~ My Thoughts on the Topic

I have heard people say that autism is what God wants for these children. This bothers me because we blame too much on our loving Heavenly Father. He actually might not have anything to do with this one…

….UNLESS you can introduce me to a child who’s mother was 100% chemical free (no man-made chemicals being used for any reason – not for cleaning, not for laundry, not for makeup, not for personal care items, not for medicine, etc), who ate a 100% whole foods diet (no boxes, no processed garbage, no soda, etc), who never had a vaccination, who said “no” to prenatal tests and screenings (INCLUDING ultrasound), who gave birth at home WITHOUT interference from anyone, who breastfed (while continuing to live a life that was free from man-made chemicals), whose child was never given a vaccination of any kind for any reason, who tested “on the spectrum”, then and only then will I accept that position.

You see there are A LOT of things we allow into our homes and into our bodies that stay in our cells for YEARS. And when our cells create a child, we pass that chemical waste on to the child. THEN, our society has allowed a situation where man-made chemicals are acceptable and Heavenly Father’s chemicals are dangerous. We have bought into the lie that vaccinations are required for lifelong health despite the evidence to the contrary. (Also visit We have bought into the lie that ONLY man-made chemical “medications” can prevent, treat, heal, cure, etc the body. We, as a society, have bought into the lie that man-made formula is just as good as human milk and therefore there are no problems with handing it out to new mothers.

It’s time to stop living with the lies and for us all to accept that we’ve been lied to. What will we do now? How will we change our course and make things BETTER? How will we help autistic children recover AND how will we work to prevent autism from effecting anyone else?

NO, I am not blaming parents. We cannot make better choices when we do not know there are better choice that can be made. Our society has placed pregnancy and birth into the disease/illness category where they do not belong. Because of this, birth at home is no longer the norm that it once was. Our society believes that hospital birth is safer than home birth without even knowing that there have never been any studies done in regards to the safety of birth in the hospital….NOT A SINGLE ONE. We do; however, have multiple studies showing that home birth is not only safe but in many ways safer than hospital birth. My most favorite book on this topic is Safer Childbirth? a Critical History of Maternity Care written by Marjorie Tew.

YES, earlier I said “Heavenly Father’s chemicals”….the natural substances are also made up of chemicals. The difference between the two? Heavenly Father is a master chemist. He KNOWS what he is doing and EVERYTHING in His medicines work SYNERGISTICALLY together to improve our lives. The only time there is danger is when man takes Heavenly Father’s recipe and decides to make changes based on what man thinks would work better. Will we ever be able to just leave His masterful concoctions alone?

It is important that we remove as many man-made chemicals from our lives as possible. Sadly, we live in a time when we will never be able to get rid of ALL of these chemicals but we CAN get rid of many of them. We do this by making our own cleaning supplies and personal care items from non-toxic, natural ingredients. YES, we could buy “all natural” cleaning supplies and personal care items but making them is cheaper. If we, as women, are going to continue to wear makeup, then we must find brands that contain the best ingredients; ingredients that are beneficial to the body, or go without makeup prior to .

Heavenly Father created the human body with it’s very own immune system complete with microorganisms that keep us healthy. When a baby is born, their immune system has not yet been fully developed. Vaginal birth is where baby’s begin to be covered by and swallow the bacterial flora that will protect them and aid their body in health. When that flora in the mother’s birth canal is disrupted by antibiotics taken over a lifetime, during pregnancy and/or the birthing process, the lifelong health of the baby has been tampered with because antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. Increasing probiotics in the diet is a MUCH better option. Probiotics work in the opposite way of antibiotics. Probiotics INCREASE the number of good bacteria so that the good bacteria can do its job by overpowering the bad bacteria and bringing that bad bacteria back into normal ranges. YES, that’s correct, your body keeps the good and bad bacteria perfectly balanced when it has what it needs to do so.

Increasing probiotics in our diet does not necessarily mean taking a pill. Consuming fermented and cultured foods increases the probiotics in your diet. You could choose to purchase fermented and cultured foods but it is much better to make your own. A book that contains some wonderful recipes is Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. It’s worth the time to make your own foods especially since you’ll know exactly what ingredients have been used.

Human milk and access to the germs found in the family home are vital to the developing and strengthening of the human immune system. This is why home birth and breastfeeding are so important to the equation. Sadly, just planning a home birth is not enough. It’s important to understand what type of midwife (if any) will aid in this process instead of interfering with it. Babies need the family’s germs first and foremost. For this reason, in my opinion, only mom or dad should touch the baby after birth. The baby needs to spend as much skin-to-skin time with both mom and dad as possible. The baby’s first bath can and should wait and then, I believe, that baby’s need to be bathed skin-to-skin with mom.

What does it mean to eat a whole foods diet? This is when we eat foods in as close to their original state as possible; no boxes. Our meals should also be colorful. We should see every color of the rainbow on our plate. In our home, we love to spend time together in the kitchen making our meals together. Making food from scratch helps us ensure that vitamin L is included. This is a vitamin we don’t think much about but when we include it in our meals, everything tastes better. Never heard of this vitamin before? Dr. Elson Haas talks about it in his book, Staying Healthy with Nutrition. Vitamin L is the LOVE we include when we take the time to make our own meals. It’s not found in a box.

I have not touched at all on the way that prenatal tests and screenings may be linked to autism. Ultrasound has been shown to change the way that human cells move. Before cells are irradiated (and that is the term used), their edges are smooth and their movement is straight. After being irradiated by ultrasound technology, the same cell’s edges are no longer smooth and the entire cell is hyperactive. We’ve known this since 1985. This information has largely been suppressed. Friend Doppler Danger on Facebook for more information on how this technology harms our babies or request a list of website links that explain more about how ultrasound technology works.

As I hope you realized in the second paragraph of this post, I do not believe that one thing is responsible for autism. There are a number of things working together against our children. All that we can do is learn what we need to know and change what we can change.

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