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The Baby Plans the Trip

2015 is proving to be a busy travel year. I knew in late June of 2014 that I’d be in Dallas, TX for the first few days of August 2015. Then I was asked to teach a couple classes at the Trust Birth Conference to be held in Las Vegas, NV in September of this year. Shortly after that, we planned our family vacation to Davenport, FL. Then, I was invited to attend a Life Leadership training convention in Chattanooga, TN in October. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all….lol

The kids and I drove to Savannah, GA to pick up my husband for our Florida vacation. The planning for that vacation started in April. My husband suggested that he come to us here in Kansas so we could spend the week doing farm stuff. NOOO…..we NEEDED a break. So I told him that I’d see what we could get into through our time share. I found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 story town home available for the exact week that my husband was scheduled to be off work (a company forced furlough). It was $399 for the full week. I booked it and we began talking about what we’d do for the week. After all, you can’t be THAT close to Orlando and stay close to the town home. 😉 WE HAD A BLAST! Every family needs a vacation. Time to get away from it all and just enjoy being together.

I’ve booked the hotels, car rentals and made the necessary travel arrangements for the other trips. It’s not really all that fun to do. There are so many options and money plays a role in the decisions. Now that everything is scheduled and paid for, I can relax and just enjoy each day is the next trip gets closer. Then I realize the other things that need to be done BEFORE the trip; like laundry, class presentation preparation, finding someone to help the kids should they need anything (we have an adult daughter who lives with us but she’s got a job (THANK GOODNESS) so she can’t be here the entire time I’m gone. The next oldest child is almost 15), etc. If I’m flying to my destination, I have to find someone who is willing to drive me to the airport, which is an hour from our home. There’s also making sure that all the receipts are printed and with me “just in case”….and so much more.

Planning the trip can be exhausting to say the least. Once on the journey, I’ll pray that nothing goes wrong. I’ll pray that flights don’t get delayed or canceled. I’ll pray that the car is functioning properly for the trips where I’ll be driving to the destination; like to Dallas, TX. I’ll pray that my plan – the trip that I created – is what I experience. I don’t want anyone or anything to interfere with what I’ve prepared myself for….IT’S MY TRIP! IT’S MY PLAN!

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to sit and talk with a dear friend about one of her previous birth experiences. She shared a few things with me that she hadn’t shared before. I made a very simple statement and her countenance changed as she said, “I hadn’t thought of that.”

What did I say?

I said, “It doesn’t sound as though what you wanted from that birth is what the baby had planned for the birth.” (true, probably not word for word exactly what I said but that’s the jest of it.) Then we talked about the fact that THE BABY PLANS THE TRIP.

What’s sad is that, as a society, we’ve been taught otherwise. Doctors, doulas, midwives, sweethearts, family members, friends and even strangers tell the mother how to plan the trip. But the fact of the matter is the baby has already planned the trip. The baby starts the birthing process. The baby is in charge of birth.

Moms often times get in the way of birth by listening to the outside forces instead of listening to their own intuition. The baby communicates with the mama through her intuition. Women are slowly realizing that they know what they are doing. They are slowly reconnecting themselves to their intuition. Now we just need their supporters to TRUST the mama’s intuition because trusting her intuition means that we are listening to the baby. We are following the baby’s plan for the trip.

This really isn’t all that difficult to do. We begin by giving her the safe space to speak her mind about WHERE does she want to give birth? If she is saying, “I want to birth at home.” then NO ONE has the right to tell her she can’t do that. NO ONE has the right to tell her “it’s not safe” or to make her feel as though she’d be putting her baby and her own life at risk by doing so. That information is wrong and has been wrong for a little over 100 years. You don’t have to take my word for it. READ the book SAFER CHILDBIRTH? by Marjorie Tew. It’s quite eye opening and written by someone with no vested interest in the birth industry. (It sickens me that birth has become a money-making industry.)

At any rate, once we begin to really consider and ACCEPT the trip the baby has planned, we’ll be better able to support birth. You see there’s A LOT of “evidence” showing that what’s happening during birth in the hospital (and yes, even in the birth center) setting is not what’s best for the baby. What’s best for the baby is being born into the hands of his parents, in the home where the microorganisms are specific to the baby’s family.

I am fully aware that sometimes the trip that the baby has planned can’t be followed. These situations are rare. THEY REALLY ARE. It is the responsibility of ALL women to research their options. INTERVIEW lots of providers. Discover for yourself what your baby is planning. There is a knowing about the baby’s plans. Trust that knowing. Read, study, ask questions, find your voice and don’t allow anyone to silence you.

How do YOU feel when someone interferes with the trip you’ve planned?

What thoughts go through your mind when someone tells you that your dates are wrong?

How about having someone tell you that you have to travel sooner than you had expected (or wanted)?

Have you ever had your travel plans completely rescheduled by someone else because what they had going on in their life was perceived to be more important than your plans?

The baby plans the trip because the trip matters. The trip effects them and every cell of their body. The trip effects them emotionally and mentally and spiritually. THE TRIP MATTERS!

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