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Peace Starts With Birth

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Life gets the better of me too. Today, I couldn’t stop my voice from being heard on this particular issue.

I read the article “Women Share Their Traumatic Birth Experiences in Powerful Photo Series” and it made me cry. I want so much for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN to experience birth as it was DESIGNED to be experienced. It is beautiful and joyful and there can be so much peace and calm. Sadly, that’s not what women experience which means babies are not coming into the world in the peaceful way they are supposed to and then we wonder why there is so much violence in the world????


If we really, really, REALLY want a peaceful world then we must CREATE a peaceful world by putting birth back into the hands of women. Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He put birth in the very capable hands of women – HIS daughters. NO ONE has the right to remove this responsibility – GIFT – from women. Abusing women during the most vulnerable time of their life….removing from them the control over this biologicial/physiological event….has long term consequences that we, as a society, aren’t even acknowledging.

ACKNOWLEDGE that birth does not belong in the hospital. STOP trying to make hospital birth “humane” and “natural” because that is sadly not the case for more and more women AND the “scientific evidence” continues to prove me right. Read SAFER CHILDBIRTH? by Marjorie Tew to see for yourself.

Women’s bodies need to be celebrated for the glorious difference that bring human beings into this world AND THEN nourish human beings to grow them into strong and independent adults. We are failing ourselves and our future every time a woman comes out of a birth traumatized. Traumatized women cannot be the fully present mother their children need.

I’ve served a fair number of women who were traumatized by a previous birth. Guiding their healing during the current pregnancy is very emotionally draining and you don’t know how well the release worked until they are in the midst of the birth….even with all we know about emotional releasing techniques sometimes the trauma is near impossible to release until during the birth and then you risk prolonger her birth because you must pull her mind away from her innate birth wisdom to focus on the emotional trauma from the past.

THAT’S RIGHT! I’m not “just a midwife.” I’m also a Dr of Natural Health, Life Coach and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I know the importance of keeping women emotionally intact and how doing so significantly impacts their ability to care for themselves and their families. Sadly, there aren’t very many who share my viewpoint…..

ATTENTION ALL WOMEN: You are glorious BY DESIGN! You are fearless and powerful and full of courage. I don’t care what men and other women might tell you. I KNOW THE TRUTH. I know that you have been specifically designed for the glorious work of bringing new human life into the world, for nourishing this new human at the breast until YOU are ready to wean. That weaning might happen at 1 year, 2 years, 3+ years and that is YOUR decision to make. As women, it’s vitally important for us to stand strong against the seemingly constant voice(s) that tells us we are less than because we are women. That voice is WRONG. We are a powerful force to be reckoned with and I cry inside every time a woman tells me she’s not brave enough to give birth at home. IF ONLY YOU FULLY UNDERSTOOD, EMBRACED AND SURRENDERED TO YOUR DESIGN. What if you ARE stronger than you’ve ever imagined? What would your entire life and existence be like if you COMPLETELY accepted that YOU are magnificent?

Sadly traumatic birth will only stop when women not only reflect back and acknowledge that they were assaulted but when women in labor who are being assaulted start to pick up the phone and call 911 or get off the bed and walk out. It’s time….it’s past time… be the strong DAUGHTERS OF GOD and tell everyone who will listen that it’s our biology, it’s our event and WE CAN DO IT without being coerced, without being belittled, without being patronized, without being cut, without a court order, without being forced into a specific location, room, position, etc. Women are born to give birth BY DESIGN and to tell us that we can’t is futile because we absolutely CAN, we do and we will.

The Great Creator designed birth to work and NO ONE has the right to tell women otherwise. To tell women they don’t produce the hormone necessary for labor to begin (YES women are told that…), or their pelvis is too small, the placenta is too low, the baby is too big, and every other nonsense that women hear that leaves them saying, “Huh? really? Well okay, you’re the expert….”

STOP buying the lie. STOP paying people to lie to you. Take control. Take responsibility. LEARN about your GLORIOUS body. Find the people in your community who will tell you the truth and soak it all up. Search the internet for the “other” voice. The information that contradicts everything you’ve been told to this point and RESEARCH it. Find others who are talking about it and join the conversation.

For those who read this that have been traumatized by a past birth, please contact me. You don’t have to live near me for me to be able to help you release the trauma so you can be the very best mom you were designed to be. We can video chat or work through email or over the phone….

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