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Prenatal Vitamins vs Whole Food Supplements

I taught a class about Prenatal Vitamins vs. Whole Food Supplements for the students at Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. My outline is below: Define "supplementation" What does truly balanced nutrition look like? emotional aspect mental aspect can we go without supplementation? mineral content of soil growing our own vs. what's at the store Causes of… Continue reading Prenatal Vitamins vs Whole Food Supplements

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

So, exactly what is a pregnant woman supposed to eat during her pregnancy in order to gain the weight her baby needs her to gain without putting on the extra pounds she doesn't want to battle the rest of her life? Dr. Tom Brewer had the same question and wasn't happy with the answer he… Continue reading Nutrition During Pregnancy

Birth, Nutrition, Parenting, Pregnancy

The Importance of Weight Gain in Pregnancy

There are a lot of pregnant women afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy. I received an email just the other day from someone who was so upset about her weight gain that she was feeling totally disgusted with herself. First and foremost any weight gained during a pregnancy where the mother is eating vegetables, fruits,… Continue reading The Importance of Weight Gain in Pregnancy