The Truth About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

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With the rate of cesarean section surgery remaining in the 30% range, many women are seeking a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Sadly, the educational system is not teaching the truth about this option, which leaves women feeling stuck with having another surgery.

Women are led to believe that because this surgery is “routine” and “common” that their risks are lower than if they attempted a VBAC. The other obstacle these women face is the misinformation surrounding this option as well as care providers who feel confident in offering them the VBAC option.

While in Uganda, Gwen Posey attended a repeat c-section. What she saw would change her mind about vaginal birth after c-section FOREVER. Hear her story and follow her journey to trusting VBAC.

In this webinar you will hear the story of the VBA7C and learn more about:

  • The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)
  • How a uterine “scar” heals
  • Are labors different for VBAC mommas?
  • Is fascia part of our immune system?
  • Adhesions and the side effects
  • Which is more dangerous VBAC vs vaginal
  • and how to know if a VBAC is for you


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  • Angie Taylor

    It's about time

    It's about time that someone speaks out about the strength of a woman's body. It's about time that women hear the truth about how the uterus heals after cesarean surgery and how safe vaginal birth after cesarean surgery really is. THANK YOU Gwen!!

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