Embracing Birth after Miscarriage and Grief

As promised, here’s the video shared with permission.You are about to witness a BEAUTIFUL transformation!

Aroma Freedom Technique, Guilt and Miscarriage with Kay Brown from Angie Taylor on Vimeo.

If you’re ready to rid your soul of the emotional torment remaining from your own birth experiences – or the experiences of births you have witnessed – CLICK HERE to schedule a session with me.


Will I be expected to sign up for a specific essential oil company? NO, if you’re not a user of Young Living essential oils, I’ll send you small sample bottles at no extra charge. 

I use Young Living essential oils, what oils will be used for the session? The basic set of oils used the most for Embracing Birth Sessions are: Lavender, Frankincense, Stress Away, Inner Child, Release, Believe or Transformation. 

Are those the only Young Living essential oils used for your sessions? No, all topical and aromatic Young Living essential oils may be used for the session. We have the basic set (mentioned above) and sometimes your intuition may guide you to a different oil so we’ll use that instead.

Are Young Living essential oils the only oils used for your sessions? Yes….I know where Young Living oils come from. I’ve been to some of the Young Living farms and have seen the distillation process. To learn more about Young Living’s process, CLICK HERE

If I scheduled an appointment with you, how would we meet? We will meet using my video conference account. There’s no need for you to install anything on your computer unless you’d like to. You could also choose to use your phone or tablet during the session after installing the app from your app store. The main thing is for us to be able to hear each other. Sessions are recorded only with your permission AND only shared with your recorded or written permission.

How long does a session take? Depends upon you and what you’re ready to release. These sessions typically last between 30 & 90 minutes. It’s important to be in a space with as few distractions as possible.