Far too many of us are walking around with emotional garbage left behind by what we've been told was the birthing process.

I'm here to testify that what was experienced by far too many women WAS NOT the birthing process. It was more often than not the result of what I call the "man made baby delivery system." This system tries to confine birth to what some people think birth is or ought to be. When what birth really is and how it was designed to impact a woman's life - and body - is nothing at all like what we've been led to believe.

Women are not broken. YOU are not broken! The "man made baby delivery system" has been broken from the beginning. Birth and all of its pieces....the ones that lead up to birth as well as the ones that lead away from birth....are part of each woman's - and family's - story. These pieces matter more than anyone has ever expressed or explained to any of us.

Once upon a time, I bought into the myth of "healthy baby, healthy mother" being the ultimate goal of the process regardless of where the woman chooses to give birth to her baby. I now know that any woman who walks away from birth emotionally damaged is not healthy.

Until recently, women didn't have any really good, simple, and relatively inexpensive ways to help heal the emotional wounds caused by the "man made baby delivery system" and the misconceptions taught to the general public. Women who have given birth outside of the "man made baby delivery system" don't feel emotionally safe to share their beautifully freeing experiences. Many of these women are told their birth story sounds more like a fairy tale than reality because "that's not how birth happened for me." Sadly, some of that attitude is coming from their female friends who have not had the same pleasurable experience and respond from a place of jealousy. This is not - in most cases - intentional. It is nonetheless the truth.

Until women are able to truly hear each other's experiences and find joy for each other in each experience, the jealousy will continue. This will continue to feed women into the "man made baby delivery system" where they will continue to be emotionally wounded in very real and very big ways.

I offer women a real way out of their emotional torment. For some women, the emotional damage began when their menstrual cycle started because things weren't "normal" with their cycles. Other women had the emotional damage start in other ways, such as when they began dating, or when someone made a disparaging comment about their body.

Words matter and because they matter you take into your heart and soul things that have no business residing there. You allow the words of respected people to tarnish your soul. It's time to heal. It's time to know that your body is designed for something important and more amazing than you've ever been told before.

What do I do to release women from their emotional torment? Here's an example of what I do..... simply share your name and email address with me and you'll receive immediate access to the video.

SPAM DISCLAIMER: Yes, sharing your contact information means you'll get a few emails from me. I don't have much time for email either so rest assured that you won't receive a ton of emails from me. You also have my word that your information will not be shared, rented nor sold to anyone. Sharing your information here will not automatically add you to my newsletter either because I hate that too....

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