I really wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the help you gave me. You gave me the support I needed when I was struggling and you made me believe in myself and for that I am truly grateful. I am extremely happy to say that breastfeeding is now my favorite thing to do. Thank you so so much!


I have learned so much from you. Thank you for letting me sit in on your childbirth classes, for welcoming questions and an opportunity to debrief births and learn. I appreciate you!


Thank you so very much for everything. It was a true blessing being in your class and getting to know you! I’ve learned a tremendous amount of helpful information that I know will help me as a doula. You’re an amazing person, and this really is your calling. So many women have been and will be blessed by your presence in their lives. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Crystal H.

I’m not sure if you remember, but last year on July 4th you were at the Chandler Hospital helping myself and my husband, Brandon, give birth to our son Joshua. I can’t believe he’s already a year old! Anyway, I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you so much for your childbirth classes and for all your help and support at the hospital. April of this year there was a childbirth educator training here in Phoenix that Brandon and I attended and just became certified to teach classes in our local area. After taking your class and seeing how much you were able to help us and other couples we wanted to do the same for other pregnant couples. Your teaching style and support definitely inspired us to want to help other couples achieve a natural unmedicated birth. Again, thank you so much for being present last year for the birth of our son. I wish you and your family the best and hope all is well with you.

Nicole & Brandon H.

I must first apologize to you, as I recognize this letter is long overdue.  It’s a letter of gratitude, the likes of which I’ve never in my life written.  Surely this is because never in my life have I been filled with so much gratitude for someone’s help.  Perhaps I let the overwhelming aspects of what you’ve done for me intimidate me to the point I did not know where to begin with my measly thank you.  Regardless, it’s now time to offer my humble and most sincere thank you and I’ll start at the beginning, for it’s certainly the easiest place to start.

For as long as I can remember I was convinced my body was broken.  My body was awkward, lumpy, ugly, fat and not the least bit athletic.  It suffered from allergies, aches and pains much more than other bodies, and that seemed to make it pathetic in my view.  I had believed every negative thing I had ever thought heard or read about my body and unknowingly I had written it off as incapable and unworthy.  Then I got pregnant.  I couldn’t even believe I was able to get pregnant.  I was so sure my body didn’t work that I was actually shocked when I saw that pregnancy test result.  After all, I had been pumping all variety of birth control pills into my body for over 15 years to correct the menstrual problems that had always plagued me.  I had stopped taking them in November of 2009 as we agreed to try to start a family, but I knew with certainly this broken body of mine could not possibly get pregnant.  Yet, there they were in June of 2010 – all those sticks telling me I was pregnant.

I knew I had lots of important decisions to make about parenting and raising children but I had not given much thought to the birth itself, other than to be terrified of it.  What I knew of birth was limited to my mother’s huge c-section scar circa 1977 and again in 1980, and the rushed and panicked hee-hee-hoo breathing and pushing from TV and movies.  At 8 weeks pregnant I went to a wax appointment.  I travel about 40 minutes to see my aesthetician because she works with an all natural sugar wax rather than traditional wax.  I explained to her that I was pregnant and she excitedly starts to tell me about her births.  This was the very first time I had ever heard anyone speak of their births in a positive way.  She then proceeds to tell me I should look into taking Bradley Method classes because they would be a great fit for me, given my interest in natural living.  She also recommended the Dr. Sears Pregnancy Book and Dr. Sears Birth Book and told me to go to a La Leche League meeting before the birth to establish a network for when, not if, I start breastfeeding.  I left with so much more than a wax that day and I didn’t even know it.

So after starting to scrape the surface of natural childbirth and Attachment Parenting, I decided maybe she was right and this might just be a fit for me.  It sounded “right” to me.  Things were clicking but I assumed my body would probably not allow it.  Still I started searching for Bradley Method teachers in the area.  I saw your name on this terrible little website that listed all area teachers and from there I went to your site, expecting more of the same awful websites I had seen from the others.  Only I didn’t get that.  Your site was different.  It had information.  It had a nice introduction to who you were and explained all the wonderful services you offered.  I knew immediately I had found my teacher.

What I didn’t know what I had really found.  I found the path to a life changing experience unlike any I’d have ever imagined.  I found a wealth of knowledge that would be available to me at a crucial point in my life.  Week after week, I was learning more and more.  It was as if a fog was lifting and with each bit of information I gained lucid clarity.  The clarity would leave me thirsting for more, which you would then inevitably deliver.  You gave me a roadmap for a journey to self acceptance, to empowerment, to love unlike any I had ever known existed.  You guided to me to the bridge where everything would forever be different on the other side.  You could not walk across the bridge with me but you made me understand that I could walk the bridge myself and that was the most precious gift of all the gifts you gave me.

My birth experience was not without flaws and I recognize that.  However, my experience was mine.  I own it.  I worked hard for it.  Often during labor I thought of all the women that had taken this journey before me.  All those women who had crossed that bridge before me were amazing and strong and powerful beyond measure.  They were beautiful and soft and open to the experience.  I became one of these women that morning my son was born.

My journey was not yet complete, though.  I was going to nurse my sweet boy.  Over the next day I put him to my breast over and over for what seemed like hours on end.  Since he had lost too much weight in the opinion of the doctor on day two, I was tricked into again believing something was wrong with my body.  What a shame that even after my body had proven its worth to me just days before I was quick to dismiss it as defective on account of the misinformation of “professionals.”  Once more, though, you were there to guide me back onto the path.  Although I had lost my way, you helped me find it and soon I was back on my journey, my nursling along for the ride at my breast.

Now I know.  Now I’ve learned.  Now I believe.  My body is not broken, instead the lies I had once believed about my body are broken.  Through my son’s birth, I was born.  I loved not only him with all my being, but myself for the first that I can remember.  For this, I am so very grateful to you, Angie.

Your guidance and care for me did not stop from the time we met through the solid establishment of my breastfeeding relationship.  You encouraged me when I was filled with doubt.  I could never put into words what you mean to me.  Never.  I recognize God placed you in my life at a special time for a very specific reason.  Thank you for fulfilling your calling.  Thank you for following your passion and sharing it with others.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  Thank you for doing the same for so many others.  Thank you for helping me find my way with my new family.  We are so happy and fulfilled with our son.  He sleeps with us in our bed, is nursed on demand, is carried or worn all his days and seems as happy to be with us as we are to have him with us.

While I realize a long winded and overdue letter such as this doesn’t begin to actually express the gratitude I have in my heart for you, it’s all I have to offer.  I cannot possibly repay you for getting me on this path and helping me across the bridge to self discovery and love but I can say thank you with a full and most sincere heart.  I pray this is only the beginning for us.  I pray that you will be the midwife at my next birth, a gentle home birth.

With so much love and gratitude,


Thank you so much for all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve shared with me over the past weeks! I truly felt I had an extra guardian angel in you and that helped to ease my anxieties going into the final stages of this pregnancy

Miriam A.

We are getting ready to have our second baby girl and we have decided to do a home birth. Frank and I were talking about how lucky we were to have taken your childbirth classes. While we are happy to have found a great group of women that specialize in home births, we think we are much better prepared having taken your classes and gone through the entire experience with you!

Stephanie & Frank T.

Thank you so much for everything. Our life has been touched since we met you. Your passion, commitment and expertise in childbirth has taught us so much. We thank you for taking the time to develop in us our understanding. We can honestly say we look forward to the experience! Thanks to you, our experience together will always be cherished.

Kaitlin & David K.

We want to thank you for educating us on natural childbirth. Your passion and knowledge for the subject are obvious and made the class that much more special.

Jeff & Julie B.

Thank you so much for everything. Andy and I really enjoyed the class and found it so helpful. I never knew how much I didn’t know about the birthing process. Have a great 2008! Thanks so much!

Christi B.

You have truly been a blessing in our life. Your classes meant a lot to me and have equipped me to bear children the way God designed me to for years to come 😉 I will definitely continue encouraging friends to attend  your classes because even if you’re not planning for a non-medicated birth, you will be once you finish the class! You just learn so much valuable information that it seems silly to not even try.

Ashley J.

We can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave us during pregnancy and childbirth. Your guidance as our childbirth instructor was invaluable, and your support during labor and birth helped us get through one of the most challenging and rewarding times of our lives.

Brian, Cara, Olivia & Jude

…you have to know that if it wasn’t for your teaching and guidance that I would not have been able to have our baby boy naturally because I would not and could not have gone 23 1/2 hours with 5 1/2 hours of pushing. I learned not only how, but most importantly, WHY natural childbirth is so important. Everyone we meet comments on how alert and healthy Quaid looks…(Our midwife) said that if I had not been doing all the stretches and kegels that you taught me, that my body and uterus wouldn’t have been able to handle the amount of pushing we did, pretty cool, huh?

Tian P.

Your natural childbirth class helped me and my husband feel empowered during our son’s birthing process. We were able to make educated decisions for ourselves and our son before, during, and after his birth. It also brought me and my husband closer together because your class helped us learn to labor as a team.

Tanya W.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your childbirth class and our midwife we had another natural childbirth. Harrison Liev was born and it was a wonderful experience. thanks again!

Kisha B.



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