Who We Are

Meet Angie Taylor – Founder

I have had the privilege of giving birth to 8 children. 7 in the hospital. 1 at home. I feel blessed to be able to say that I have no regrets from any of my birth experiences. I’ve experienced unmedicated birth, medicated birth, high risk pregnancy and unhindered home birth. I am saddened and frustrated by the number of women who come out of their birth experience traumatized and regretful of so much. NOTHING should ever over shadow the beauty of birth.

Have you ever considered that, NEVER in the history of the world has there ever been enough birth workers on the earth to support EVERY pregnant and birthing woman. This historical fact is proof that birth was designed to happen in the middle of nowhere with only the birthing woman and her baby working in harmony together…?

“Working in harmony together” cannot happen when someone else is in the equation making all the decisions for the pregnant woman. This is true; however, our society has been distanced from this truth for over 100 years. Fear was used to convince women that birth in the hospital was safer than birth at home because the hospital had all the emergency equipment and knowledge. Birth in the hospital began as a wealthy woman’s privilege because it was expensive. When insurance companies came upon the scene, they began offering this “privilege” to lower class women.This time in history, when birth was pushed into the hospital and out of the home, is when it became more about making money and less about the health and safety of mother and child. Today, we are seeing more and more women returning to home birth with a new challenge ~ midwives who bring medical “stuff” into the home environment.

Home birth is not ~ nor should it ever be ~ about bringing hospital birth into the home. The common things offered, used and available in a hospital birth have no business being in a home. Home birth is supposed to be different than hospital birth. If you want to better understand my reasons for making this decision, please read the book Safer Childbirth? written by Marjorie Tew.

    • Dr of Natural Health (NHD)
    • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
    • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (CIEC)
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Training Health Coach
    • Board Certified as Holistic Alternative Psychology Master (HAPM) – emotional healing
    • Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Practitioner – emotional healing
    • Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Instructor
    • Certified Aromatherapist
    • Hydration Coach

Meet Laura Hamilton – Owner

I am momma to 7 children. All naturally born. 2 in a hospital setting, 4 at home unassisted and one at home with the care of a loving hands off midwife. Each birth taught me about myself and help led me to the path of a birth keeper.

Although the birth of my first baby lit the birth passion fire in me, it was with the pregnancy of my 3rd baby that solidified my calling. I felt alone and had minimal support in my birthing choices with her. It was clear to me at that time there had to be a shift in our local birthing community. We needed caregivers to trust and nurture mother/babies and to empower women to hear their natural birthing intuition.
It was due to the lack of these kinds of caregivers that led me to my choice to birth unassisted. This served me well and fortified in me the belief that women are inherently programed to birth their babies. I discovered that when well nourished, surrounded by a loving, supportive and trusting birth team, women CAN birth babies!
It was shortly after the birth of my 3rd baby that I trained under ALACE and became a birth doula. I’ve worked with women for over 11 year serving them as their labor support, breastfeeding support, baby-wearing advisor and parenting coach. I am excited to be joining Angie as she serves women with this kind of mother/baby centered, hands off, trusting kind of care.