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Private Womb is a network of midwives in Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma. You receive truly autonomous, trauma-informed and woman directed care when supported by one of the network midwives.

This means we understand you have the right to refuse anything and everything. You are in charge of your body and what happens to it. You will never be coerced into doing something you have refused.

We understand that every human being walking the earth today has experienced some kind of trauma. Our goal is to support your healing. For this reason, we teach you the truth about your body. You will relearn how to trust your body regardless of what you’ve been taught in the past.

You will also learn what your baby’s life is like in your womb and how to support your baby’s development. Did you know your baby is an active participant in the journey with you? Isn’t that AMAZING!?

Your sweetheart is invited to all prenatal visits. Your sweetheart has the potential to play an important role in your birth space. Older children are also encouraged to come with you. It’s important that we create a trusting relationship.

You have access to your midwife from the beginning of the contract until six weeks postpartum. No question is too silly. You will walk away having learned more than you ever thought possible.

Because we believe in truly wholistic care, clients have access to a Dr. of Naturopathic Medicine and a Dr. of Natural Health. You also have access to emotional healing, nutritional counseling as well as lots of love, respect, and conversation. The network of Private Womb midwives in Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma work together for your benefit.

If you really want to learn everything you need to know in order to create the best Birth-day event ever, check out the Birth-day Services page and schedule a consultation. To learn more about us, CLICK HERE.

Check out the testimonials from some of our past clients and never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

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